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September 10, 2012
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SoMa: Text Love
Chapter Four: Hunt for the ScytheMeister

I waited for the morning to come. I thought it was best for everything to sink in before I texted her.

Evans101: Hey, I never got your name. But can we meet some place and talk it over?
As I wrote 'talk' I meant like hold her in my arms and kiss her.
I had dreamed about her, it was about how we confessed our feelings and then kissed each other at the balcony without that dude interfering. I started to blush at the thought of my dream.
Then I got a text from her and I opened it. Horror and fear came over me, It felt like I was going to puke.  

ScytheMeister: I don't think we can meet again. We are too different for each other. This is the last time we speak, Goodbye.

''NOOO!'' I screamed and felt tears pour over my eyes. How could she just leave me like this?
She liked me? Didn't she? I had to find her again and ask her, could it have something to do with that other guy?
Then I whippet the tears away and headed to school to find my girl.

As I sat in my king chair I couldn't think of anything but ScytheMeister. She had stolen my heart.
She had changed me, she had changed me to a faithful man, she had showed me love was real.
Then Tsubaki came and ruined the moment. She laid in my lap stretched out with her arms flung to my neck. I felt a wave of disgust wash over me.

''Just look at him Maka. He is just playing around. He had already forgot all about you.'' Black*Star said as he held his hand on my shoulder. I was sitting on the bench and Black*Star stood behind it.
It still hurt to see him, to think about him, he had stolen my heart. But then he pushed Tsubaki of his lap and said ''Get of me your whore!''
My eyes lit up by the action ha had taken.
''He had changed'' I whisper to myself over and over again.
''He can't change! People can't change just like that?!'' Black*Star said as he went around the bench to my side.
Then anger fired up inside me and I pick up my book.
I hit Black*Star so hard that he went unconscious.

I had pushed Tsubaki of my lap and then a few moments later a girl had taken a book and hit a guy on the head with it. Maka was the one with the book. She and I had done the report on 'Romeo and Juliet' and we had run into each other the day before the Halloween party.
Then I started to think, Maka and ScytheMeister had done the same trick with the book.
I started to recalled what ScytheMeister had done. She had taken a book and hit him with it. She had said 'Maka chop.' Exacly what Maka had done. The I felt so stupid for not snapped up her name yesterday. I picked up my phone for one more confrontation if it was really her, I started to write one last text to her.

I was so angry with Black*Star for saying that kind of stuff but he was right. I started to walk away when I got a text. I unlocked my phone and opened it.

Evans101: Found you

I felt how my heart started to race and I turned around to see he was smiling a big grin against me. I had just gave myself away. He must have just chanced about me being ScytheMeister and now he knows it is me. I started to run inside the school. I could hear Soul running close to me. But in some way I had run right in a dead end, I had run right in the balcony, were I and Soul had met and danced together  and confessed our feelings.
I stopped running and turned to face Soul. I couldn't keep on running away from him.
I looked into his eyes and they were filled with love.
''Hey'' Soul said smoothly. He was so handsome as he stood so close to me. ''I found you''
I was still stunned by everything that have happened the past minutes.
''Why do you think we are to different?'' I saw he was really hurt by my last text, I would have been sad if he would have send a text like that to me.
''Exactly what I meant, we are to different. You are popular and hot and I'm just-''
''Don't you dare finishing your sentence!'' Soul cut me of and put his hands on my shoulders.
''You are a wonderful and beautiful person! I couldn't be happier by meeting you.'' Soul smiled a warm smile that made my whole body go warm and I started to blush.
''And people change when they fall in love. Before I was fooling around with girls but you, you changed me. And screw the differences! It's the similarity that counts.'' Soul was right, it's the similarity that counts.
''I think I have just fallen for you more.'' I said as I blushed even more. I let my arms slip around his neck and he slid his arms around my waist.
''And I have fallen more for you too, Shall we continue were we left of?'' Soul said with a sexy smile.
I didn't need to answer his question, we both already knew the answer.
We leaned in and locked our lips with each others. His lips was like sugar and milk, he started to open and closing his mouth and I followed. Then we pulled away and rested our foreheads on each others.
''I love you Maka''
''I love you too, Soul''
The final chapter is now up! It is pretty short series, but now I will make you happy! A Text Love will be coming up! But first I just need to like find a story. But their is going to be a ''Text Love 2''
I don't own Soul Eater in any way
Please leave a comment and fav :hug:

Chapter 3:

Text Love 2!!!:…
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